Steps when you want to install your computer

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Steps that need to be noticed when you want to install computer
1. Back up data
If you would reinstall because the operating system already experiencing problems or want to change any other operating system, then make sure the data files documents, images, photographs, films, and so on that you have already in your backup CDs, flash disks, or at least be in a different location with a hard drive partition for installation later.

2. Determine the operating system you want to install to your computer
a want to install Windows, make sure you have set the original CD of Windows that you purchased, including record serial numbers to be loaded when the computer running the install process.

3. Setting up the CD driver first
You will need a CD or floppy disk to install the drivers VGA and sound card drivers, printer drivers, as well as additional device driver lainnya.jika her later after the operating system is installed to the computer, the possibility of a computer screen is not optimal, the voice is not heard, the printer can not be used, and so on

4. Add courses just fit your needs and desires.

this is to ensure you are not installing over and over again.

5. Remove software that you do not disturb or need.
This is important because so after reinstalling your computer will finish neatly arranged.

6. Consistent with the windows you have installed

make sure before you install windows that will ensure that you use proper and appropriate for your PC.
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