5 Criteria Mr.P Woman Like it

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pisang1. Not too Too BigAccording to dr. Andri Wanananda MS, in intimate relationships is important is not the length and magnitude, but his hard penis when erect (tense). penis is tiny but loud enough to make a woman enjoy orgasm.
"Female erotic zones (G-spot) is only 5 cm from the vagina," said a member of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) and the Indonesian Association of Sexology (ASI) it.
Men with penile length 10 cm also need not worry about not being able to feel their partner happy. In fact, the average penis length is 10-15 cm. So men with penis length 10 cm, can satisfy their partner. Moreover, whether or not the length of the penis is not a big problem for women. Once again, the important thing is whether the penis an erection or not.2. Prominent corona channelAs quoted from askdanandjennifer, there are two parts in the penis are sensitive to the touch. One is the line corona (ridge protruding), the boundary that separates the tip of the penis body.
When the stem or body of penis erection, a prominent ridge that could further enlarged so that it can touch the g-spot and female menst imulasinya performed during penetration. This ridge can be more prevalent in men who are circumcised.
3. The width of the head of the penisHead or tip of the penis has a number of nerve endings more than the trunk. Therefore these areas are very sensitive to physical stimuli. Women also like to touch the tip of the penis. The section can stimulate the g-spot during sex and makes women get orgasms.
Although the g-spot instead of only one important point, but if the tip of the penis is widening, can make a woman more stimulated. With the tip or head of the penis widening, women and girls can be easier to get her orgasm.
4. Body or trunk Penis LengthIn addition to the g-spot, the outside of Miss. V is also very sensitive to touch. penis that is not too thick, can not stimulate the area well. Different things happen when the man has a thick cock. When in contact with the outer side of Miss. V will create its own thrill and stimulate the area easily.http://ladjunewsonline.blogspot.comBut that does not mean the man with the rod that is not too thick, can not be a happy woman. Use certain techniques such as penetrating a circular motion instead of stabbing.

5. Curved penis to TopWoman's G-spot is located exactly at the Miss 2-5 cm from the hole. V. Man with a penis that curved upwards, can more easily touch the G-spot area. But that does not mean a man with erect penis curved downwards can not stimulate the g-spot. Some sex positions can make a woman's g-spot is stimulated with type penis. One of the positions that could be tried is doggy style.
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